We face a very uncertain future, and it is only a

We face a very uncertain future, and it is only a matter of time before someone lights a spark that sets off mass s… https://t.co/0FbYPyRwOJ

  • 2h

    Mainstream media are reporting that president Trump is now a traitor and that the Trump/Putin summit was botched -… https://t.co/hYhoVlZho2

  • 3h

    Roger Stone joins Anthony Cumia to break news regarding Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as his persecution of… https://t.co/opCHj3DePJ

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    Roger Stone breaks down why Special Counsel Robert Mueller is targeting him in his dead-end investigation of Presid… https://t.co/tn8KXGyNYU

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    No it doesn’t that’s MSM BS!

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    RT: "CIA director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him" - Time sure have changed.- https://t.co/thDpi2XyUh

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    RT: Nominee for best headline of the year... https://t.co/lDaMXYQqnY

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    RT: Today and broke the news of how Robert Mueller was going to protect the Clinton Crime Network h…

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    RT: Indeed. And the same corporate media propagandists trying to destroy our current president have for decades been parties t…

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    High School student is assaulted by radical non-binary Trump hater in Seattle. Had his has stolen, spat… https://t.co/XX8NkV7R2f

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    The View host proved she doesn't have by acting hysterical and stopping interview - https://t.co/5wnjCCyYm9 😂