RT @Infowars_EU: Dozens of open borders activists

RT @Infowars_EU: Dozens of open borders activists chained themselves to the entrance of the Italian Ministry of Transport in Rome to protes…

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    Hillary hopes Americans don’t look at her record meeting with Putin and taking BIG money from him!… https://t.co/1b8C0kfNJj

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    CNN joins members of Congress in their quest to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars from social media platforms - https://t.co/suakq9Q7UT

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    A racist Elizabeth Warren supporter assaulted her Republican opponent Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai while he was protesting o… https://t.co/d3xDudNH4u

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    RT: *NEW VIDEO* San Francisco is America's biggest public toilet. Why do all Democrat-run cities eventually turn into sh*t-…

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    Anthony Cumia of Compound Media reveals how liberal outrage and overall Trump Derangement Syndrome is now attemptin… https://t.co/RXqa32w429

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    The latest hypocrisy from Hillary Clinton, who criticized President Trump for meeting with Putin in Helsinki, when… https://t.co/TQj54UxADK

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    Why The Phony Dossier Hoax Is Worse Than Watergate 👀 📡Tune in M-F 11am-3pm central at: https://t.co/OQtch0tDED ⬅️… https://t.co/8bnkXqXJG4

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    Why The Phony Dossier Hoax Is Worse Than Watergate https://t.co/9K2bI2vPYI

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    Criticizes Trump, yet says she ‘bonded’ with Russian leader 🙄 - https://t.co/5JTkSdUUGr

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    Hillary Clinton bashed President Trump over his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, but failed… https://t.co/CHCzt9Lr2H