Tucker Carlson calls out CNN for paying airports,

Tucker Carlson calls out CNN for paying airports, bus stations, and other public places to air their news above any… https://t.co/pdf6O2ri9N

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    Former Mexican president Vicente Fox’s remarks that President Trump’s rhetoric is responsible for the tragic Florid… https://t.co/SkN9OTndpj

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    RT: t…

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    RT: Shill’s for Big Phamra’s Mass Murder Pill Division Identified https://t.co/NmFgez5Oh6 https://t.co/zzs8WGcEoT

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    Left Hook, Right Jab. Liberals and patriots react to the gun control debate after the Florida shooting - https://t.co/DdCBYP3FiB

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    Most of Russia’s ad spending happened after the election - https://t.co/pj6i7lueFL

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    The FBI released a statement acknowledging that, once again, a murderer slipped through their investigative channel… https://t.co/KS63NHlwz0

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    RT: The movie is a dog whistle to racist Trump supporters. How did social justice warriors let this happen? S…

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    By indicting 13 Russians including a caterer Robert Mueller has literally indicted a ham sandwich - no connection… https://t.co/fiXFn2RZK1

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    RT: This is obviously YouTube’s dumb algorithm automatically flagging the word “hoax” so they can take down conspiracy vids.…

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    RT: Watch my conversation with Larry Klayman today on about FBI and DOJ Corruption, the Clinton crime wave, and the…