Incredible Video! 10 Antifa Thugs Attack Reporter,

Incredible Video! 10 Antifa Thugs Attack Reporter, Then Flee When She Fights Back 📺Watch LIVE M-F 11am-3pm central…

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    RT: Breaking! Westminster Terror Attack, Driver Mows Down Pedestrians Outside Parliament 📺Tune in M-F 8-11a:…

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    RT: Five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to carry out school shootings were released on bond after the…

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    Purge The Movie Is The Precursor To The Future

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    Complete Censorship

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    Video: Reporter Kicked Off Facebook For Asking Muslim Congresswoman A Question

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    Callers Predict False Flags In The Form Of Mass Shootings

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    A report citing an unnamed aide to President Trump has suggested that the only reason that the US has not embroiled…

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    Video: Watch Democrats Turn Against Omarosa

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    Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him? -

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    RT: You cannot destroy the force behind