RT @PrisonPlanet: Known misogynist and woman hater

RT @PrisonPlanet: Known misogynist and woman hater Donald Trump appoints a woman to head up the CIA for the first time in history.

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    This is the Daily Beast- the very worst of Fake News- nothing they report can be believed https://t.co/88qAjFMdP6

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    Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne gives exclusive details from his new book “The Killing Of Uncle Sam,” which exposes the… https://t.co/iTRwOCHsXE

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    RT: Titanium dioxide is classified as a Group 2B carcinogen, and inhaling high concentrations may cause lung cancer. https://t.co/…

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    RT: After Partying with Bill Clinton, Mueller star witness against Trump outed as Convicted Pedophile Then Flees United States…

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    RT: Citigroup is joining Corporate America and Silicon Valley in their quest to gut the Second Amendment. https://t.co/fHOZYB…

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    RT: The new for today "Just between you and me.." and Media

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    RT: Iowa family reported missing in Mexico found dead in condominium https://t.co/51va4TIjxu https://t.co/EAzhMJo1kt

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    YouTube Bans David Hogg For Bullying Himself https://t.co/x93ti9cyCI

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    All-women’s College Asks Profs Not to Call Students ‘women’ https://t.co/Ubm4Ptwb84 ‘When discussing the student… https://t.co/I8d5wzidRx

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    YouTube bans David Hogg for bullying himself! https://t.co/kofqFoNCHT