A panelist on MSNBC claimed that the President’s r

A panelist on MSNBC claimed that the President’s rhetoric is so extreme that he may start using openly racist termi… https://t.co/244mozSKXU

  • 10h

    The cast and crew for MSNBC’s Morning Joe go crazy over President Trump’s border wall - https://t.co/VQdSlKw2RP

  • 11h

    The SEC is now claiming they have the authority to regulate & control exchanges where people buy or sell crypto -… https://t.co/XV2K9vDXfh

  • 12h

    RT: Larry Kudlow will be my Chief Economic Advisor as Director of the National Economic Council. Our Country will have man…

  • 12h

    RT: SXSW has turned Austin into a Lawless Drug & prostitute filled shithole. 2 Austin police said they aren't making arre…

  • 12h

    Recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said if he faces criminal prosecution, he’s going to take down eve… https://t.co/xyEK3pfbvz

  • 13h

    The Globalists’ technocratic future is an artificial intelligence God who asks human beings to sacrifice their carb… https://t.co/MZWRWn6bqh

  • 14h

    How McCabe altered 302 reports to frame Trump - https://t.co/IrDCpXivcY

  • 15h

    Gun-free zones have popped up all over Austin, Texas during SXSW. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver asks SXSW attende… https://t.co/PnX4r8TUSw

  • 16h

    Trump Fires McCabe Prepares Indictments https://t.co/tfs22GfGXn

  • 17h

    Disappointingly, Nikki Haley seems to have fallen for the anti-Russian propaganda - https://t.co/XGVWAX1UlQ