Breaking Now: Trump Announces New Syria Attack Pla

Breaking Now: Trump Announces New Syria Attack Plans And More Sanctions On Russia 📡 Tune In Now:…

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    It was at the below meeting that Kim Jong Un set the framework to rollover to Trumps demands in exchange for a face…

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    Major MSM fail goes viral 😂 -

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    It’s now being reported that North Korea had agreed to Trumps demands ahead of the summit.…

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    I reported on this 20 years ago with Dr Nick Begich. The exact patented documents just not from the CIA. That’s why…

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    Andrew McCabe threatened to take down everyone else involved in FBI and DOJ corruption if he faces criminal charges…

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    Former FBI Director called out in public -

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    CIA Leaks Terrorist Plans To Strike The US

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    RT: The tables have turned. The left is now just as puritanical and censorious as the right ever was. SHARE:

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    We’ve gotten to the point that both the left and the right are totally exhausted with the endless wars in faraway l…