A breakdown of the current situation in the Middle

A breakdown of the current situation in the Middle East - https://t.co/ALe78HiX1L #Trump #Syria

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    RT: If we allow algorithm manipulation to continue, forget about future elections. Forget about reaching new people. You'll b…

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    Hillary Putin secret meeting flashback. https://t.co/P6n9fmrC57

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    RT: Your vs choose wisely! Pupp…

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    If we're able to combine congressional pressure with a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people, they wil… https://t.co/oHcC4ODye6

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    FBI and Obama DOJ consume their own excrement in Carter Page FISA lies https://t.co/ZkSKDzSU6p

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    “Puh-Leez! is not a “conservative”- he’s a Bush shill who was a cheerleader for the Iraq War who never sup… https://t.co/xG8ai2RmAy

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    RT: Antwerp, Belgium. Handicapped elderly lady returns to her old home to visit neighbors. She is immediately approached by…

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