With the increased tensions in the Middle East, th

With the increased tensions in the Middle East, the world could see a vast increase in the price of oil and oil-bas… https://t.co/MFUtTLeF1P

  • 2m

    In a shocking revelation, it turns out that all criminals are separated from their children when they get caught - https://t.co/g0C4Cm3abX

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    Breaking Deep State Openly Calls For Overthrow of Trump: Alex Jones Emergency Message To Trump https://t.co/cGLWv7OygW

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    I guess pro-Trump protests out side the multi-million mansion poverty pimp Maxine Waters lives in ( outside her dis… https://t.co/W3mZjOrtz2

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    My friend InfoWars correspondent Roger Stone breaks down the Globalist Russian media hoax https://t.co/y2C6kVtGKX

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    The government will squeeze you at every chance it gets - https://t.co/mvjWL7aqOi

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    Check out the new round of submissions by dedicated Infowarriors! - https://t.co/J01dR8uaWE

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    What people think about the fact that Trump has been blamed for pictures taken during the Obama-era showing illegal… https://t.co/tHWES1Vlec

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    Learn about the evil elite who want to destroy humanity - https://t.co/NbK3E8mEYx

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    White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service and asked to leave a Virginia restaurant bec… https://t.co/v20KBbuePy

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    RT: Do you suffer from hallucinations, verbal diarrhea, loss of humor and violent unhinged thoughts against President Trump a…