“We’ll stop him...” The #Democrats can huff and pu

“We’ll stop him...” The #Democrats can huff and puff as much as they want, but those three words from the mouth of… https://t.co/AquUUUcgYY

  • 8h

    I withdrew my allegiance from Bill Clinton and when he committed perjury and was impeached. I have no… https://t.co/DNd1EGZaoR

  • 9h

    What would you like them to do exactly? Why not just say it like you mean it? Advocating the military overthrow of… https://t.co/SQpjNigv9J

  • 9h

    Four Hundred Million Dollars! (to be heard in a Dr. Evil accent, of course)... https://t.co/gISzURkRIO

  • 9h

    I once referred to as a and she blocked me. The truth stings evidently... https://t.co/EnAzoJXbDb

  • 9h

    Gee, is that like the Illuminati or something? https://t.co/3oRAQucTCF

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    Well, then we can stop worrying about Russia. That was easy. https://t.co/vRMlUdEP1t

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    It seems 90% disagree with my original hopeful take on this summit. So be it. I simply am not worried about Russia.… https://t.co/DbrlCqo5Vv

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    The centrifuge of hate has distilled down to two echo chambers yammering at each other. It is honestly so tedious.

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    I lived during the Cold War in my youth. It was a disconcerting and truly dangerous time. When I see the world’s tw… https://t.co/cPQF1WHqD9

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    That question has been whispered often about you... https://t.co/frWbT24RJ8