@Kent_Darr Definitely. A very clear, concise, and

@Kent_Darr Definitely. A very clear, concise, and detailed assignment (with rubric) works to prevent creative block, too. #DLNchat

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    Read this. Learn this. Burn it into your brain. https://t.co/9fZEZNFknl

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    Saw a documentary about Sudan on PBS a little while ago. Heartbreaking. https://t.co/KrdynCWSV4

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    RT: "One of the most important skills first-generation students lack is networking as a tool to launch or advance one’s care…

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    The implication being you have two friends. 👀 https://t.co/CPd5Jnpk3Q

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    One of our guilty pleasures: Ghost Hunters/Ghost Adventures/Dead Files before bed. Pic unrelated. (Or is it?) https://t.co/O66yMAcYbN

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    That should be my friggin' job title: "Blank Journal Hoarder."

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    This works on soooo many levels. https://t.co/R7iPdojltX

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    Definitely will. I teach our UX class in fall semesters and the students could defini… https://t.co/m4FP05a5TN

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    That's awesome. We use it for comms and classes so FERPA and all that. We're two year… https://t.co/Ly1sCq2mrI