RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver is back to delive

RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver is back to deliver as much news as he can emotionally handle. #LastWeekTonight returns Sunday, February 18…

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    RT: Realest thing ever said. https://t.co/Ya6ZCL3kIR

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    RT: Guys , my dad literally loves cooking so much, & owning this business means the world to him. His food is seriously amazi…

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    This is impressive. https://t.co/NcRfn3GQtZ

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    RT: Tonight we are victorious! Hell yeah Vegas 🙌 https://t.co/nT1XtR5ya4

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    RT: Many parents already have a hurdle to cross when it comes to ADHD because they think it means their child is "dumb" "…

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    RT: I went back and read North's quotes and watched the video of what he said. And I think it's not only wrong to blame…

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    RT: We don't deserve JJ Watt https://t.co/Q4yFjfcmGe

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    RT: Every day is if you served. Today I’m thinking about medic, Doc Jose Pantoja. He took…

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    And people really wonder how teen depression and suicide is so prevalent 🙄 https://t.co/1IzOZoDOhG

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    RT: In high school I was 1) Basically a loner 2) Quiet 3) Enjoyed violent video games Lock me up I guess https://t.co/sfNNTvv