RT @CGTNOfficial: #XiJinping congratulates Angela

RT @CGTNOfficial: #XiJinping congratulates Angela #Merkel on her re-election as German Chancellor https://t.co/mozlseSRzt

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    RT: The CRL Rights Commission says Christianity is in a state of emergency in South Africa. Commission chairperson Thoko Mkhw…

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    RT: He must go to jail https://t.co/lPSqQEMxxn

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    Western countries have spent so much time instilling that a president must spend 1 term like them just like they de… https://t.co/GM6niIzSgS

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    RT: President Cyril Ramaphosa could be drawn into a forensic probe initiated by the Nigerian government into alleged foreign e…

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    Sane Logically thinking selfless South Africans who will not leave to Australia. https://t.co/AEBGYoEyyN

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    RT: There are AT LEAST 100,000 AFRICANS in the bottom of atlantic oceans. These were not Americans or brazillians or Jamaican…

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    Keep Mashaba He is A dedicated Servant of the people its written all over his face dont touch him

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    RT: Media24 agrees to pay millions for cartel conduct https://t.co/1uw0mRuVat

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    RT: HISTORY: On this day in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by Marcus Junius Brutus and other Senators in the The…