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RT @ForeverLogical: @realDonaldTrump @googlenews Cooper: Trump doesn't know how NATO works - CNN https://t.co/MGg6OQOGvF via @GoogleNews

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    RT: You guys ready? The 30th annual is about to begin! https://t.co/Z1iiRApWD3

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    RT: Shark Week begins tomorrow! Everyone make sure to tag in all of your posts! https://t.co/n

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    RT: Donald Trump’s day so far: - Meltdown about Carter Page - Meltdown about Michael Cohen - Meltdown about President Obama…

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    RT: Immigrant children remain separated from their families, caged, abused and illegally drugged. 4,645 American citizens d…

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    RT: Here’s the truth: Lynching is not already a federal hate crime. Senators Booker, Scott, and I are trying to change that…

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    RT: This corn hole has been flapping his treasonous gums and flipping his decrepit thumbs all day. Kinda get the feeling that…

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    RT: “The GOP platform can be boiled down to three words: whatever Trump says” - Max Boot The only s…

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    RT: "Remember Trump’s skill set is not deal-making but duping gullible victims" - https://t.co/2eTFys6c9D

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    RT: Former Fox News analyst Ralph Peters says that Fox News hosts often say things on air that "they know are untrue" but are…