It’s crazy what a few hours of sleep can do for a

It’s crazy what a few hours of sleep can do for a person

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    RT: I’m not the first to say this, but I need all the kids, the stans claiming their faves as muva, etc to watch Paris is Burning. I…

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    RT: And “Kiki” is on Hulu

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    RT: i honestly don’t think guys realize how much we pay attention to hand grooming... like this is everything

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    RT: Hot Take: pansexuality, or at least something like it, should be incredibly common and unsurprising in any space opera…

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    RT: If you ever seen that school shooter commercial that start off a story about a boy and a girl in a high school, this is one o…

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    RT: Prince Harry: “So I typed a text to a girl I used to see sayin' that I chose this cutie pie w/ whom I wanna be & I apolog…

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    RT: Sibling fights were the best, no rules just fight to the death

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    RT: My cousin got lit for his birthday 😂 knows all the moves

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    RT: Ice and Water.

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    RT: never forget this woman crip walked in front of the royal family and now she’s at the royal wedding... that’s different ene…