While congressional Republicans and Trump run a fa

While congressional Republicans and Trump run a fake victory lap, Americans across the country continue to struggle… https://t.co/pWuYYCkVCq

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    Voters will remember in November that Trump and Republicans in Congress sold Americans out with their sham tax plan… https://t.co/kjQmgeCrCo

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    that we're 11 seats away from flipping 6 state legislative chambers? That means we need everyone to get… https://t.co/17pJodyqDL

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    RT: Don’t forget this. https://t.co/gVTpa3D25T

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    We're fired up to be in Atlanta today to mobilize and organize with some of our great African American leaders and… https://t.co/SVQ73wbo4m

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    A vote for of Brett Kavanaugh is a vote to put Roe v. Wade and health care protections for millions on the judicial… https://t.co/8C9MucTicp

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    Kids like Andre don't deserve this. One of the best ways to address Trump's manufactured family separation crisis i… https://t.co/exkOly9fSZ

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    Commit to vote for Democrats who will put people over pharmaceutical profits at https://t.co/ZKn8fJEh9z 🗳https://t.co/SvF2OHK5uI

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    Trump still refuses to condemn the Russian government's attack on our democracy. It's both dangerous and embarrassi… https://t.co/YQhHSwHD7H

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    Americans value quality, affordable health care and support a women's right to choose. We need a Supreme Court that… https://t.co/bbk1UNiskf

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    ICYMI: fought to reunify Angelica Gonzalez-Garcia and her daughter after they were forcibly separat… https://t.co/eOQuHPVkvW