While congressional Republicans and Trump run a fa

While congressional Republicans and Trump run a fake victory lap, Americans across the country continue to struggle… https://t.co/pWuYYCkVCq

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    .@EricHolder has an important message about voting. Give this awesome video a look👀 https://t.co/bxGVjrelQN

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    Hey folks, early voting started today in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Vermont! Make sure your friends and… https://t.co/dqfcXdC33F

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    Lucy McBath became a Mother of the Movement after losing her son to gun violence. Now she’s close to flipping a sea… https://t.co/Twn1RHCC8t

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    We only have 46 days to mobilize, organize, and get out the vote across the country. It's up to us to elect Democra… https://t.co/IIVdNoCtUH

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    RT: HEADLINE: New data: Democrats crushing Republicans in 2018 elections https://t.co/3mAXo0KhJQ

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    There's no excuse for the president's lack of compassion and leadership Let's elect Democrats who… https://t.co/zsO2Dx0tkU

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    RT: 850 Democrats are on the ballot across Nebraska. 850 Democratic candidates who are relying on you to vote. 850 reasons to…

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    On this most solemn we vow to never forget the sacrifice of prisoners of war and the service… https://t.co/Xgh1jsfytJ

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    Every 👏🏾day👏🏾counts👏🏾. Let's organize, mobilize, and get out the vote like never before. https://t.co/TVRP6bX4WM