RT @cartoonnetwork: Where is the lie tho? 🤔 Now th

RT @cartoonnetwork: Where is the lie tho? 🤔 Now that you know Rose Quartz = Pink 💎 revisit all her scenes on our YouTube Channel: https://t…

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  • 12 Jul

    And no unfortunately I was not born In the rich port "#PuertoRico but I hope that we can have a flash mob of all of… https://t.co/lLRNbvIw9r

  • 12 Jul

    You know, everyone is keep saying the is better than 'this..' Obviously, its not. And no, not all.Americans a… https://t.co/aRcjFxIxUS

  • 10 Jul

    RT: ICYMI: Our next ESO Plus Bonus Event starts tomorrow at 10am EDT! Learn how you can enjoy select Plus benefits comple…

  • 6 Jul

    Never doubt the power of one voice. This woman bravely went to the now former EOA admin. And spoke her opinion that… https://t.co/u8tSxY2m9d

  • 3 Jul

    Lol, that means its less time till Halloween😍. But sincerely, I hope ur well, I was thinking of ur bac… https://t.co/NtItrGVBX1

  • 3 Jul

    Even though is officially over that does not mean that we should stop having pride or love equality. Love and learning.❤

  • 2 Jul

    RT: Thanks. You're not looking so bad yourself.

  • 30 Jun

    RT: Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or…

  • 29 Jun

    IHOP might of changed their name to but is the international house of roasting.