RT @dracomallfoys: my mom: they're traditional ppl

RT @dracomallfoys: my mom: they're traditional ppl please dont say anything controversial me: ok i wont me, half an hour into the gather…

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    RT: Lord. Soldier. Warrior. Thief. The new trailer for has arrived! Starring

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    RT: what's wrong about this? absolutely nothing https://t.co/st9WToJf3z

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    RT: god didn’t give Jake Gyllenhaal full plump lips bc he knew that he would’ve been too mf’ing powerful, exuding 2x as much…

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    Barkeeper has to be one of the best jobs I think prove me wrong but I think it would be super fun

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    RT: Almans: Das heißt NEGERKUSS und das BLEIBT AUCH SO 😡😡😡 Auch Almans: Hast du mich gerade Alman genannt????????

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    Bitch I choked if she doesn't want her I will take him any day

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    I'm gonna buy Fallout 76 and I'll also buy PSP and I already know it ugh I'm a retard

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    RT: Here's a doggo blowing bubbles. It's downright legendary. 13/10 would watch on repeat forever (vid by Kent Duryee) https://t…

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    This plus dating shows plus being single is the shit https://t.co/zkYhAZriUz

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    RT: 1D: the break will be 18 months Me: ok *2 years & 7 months later* Me: https://t.co/irCaMKffjE