Just need to get out of this funk & be happy a

Just need to get out of this funk & be happy again ! I need a trip !

  • 1h

    Just want me to get back to normal 😓

  • 2h

    RT: I don’t know about other couples but I hate going out without my mans 🙄

  • 6h

    RT: I’m sorry like I just feel like everyone needs to see this like y’all realize this is real? like this is not a game ? https:…

  • 12h

    All these emotions & anxiety hitting me. And I just wish there was one person who understood me.

  • 20h

    When shit gets real we’ll see who’s real

  • 22 Jul

    RT: I want these atleast once while I’m ALIVE https://t.co/pUtQNLMg5k

  • 22 Jul

    RT: Me looking for my Uber because I don’t know what a Toyota Corolla looks like https://t.co/2TryQjmrPK

  • 22 Jul

    RT: Natural wave pool in Crete, Greece https://t.co/7J1vezgN7O

  • 22 Jul

    RT: i hope my kids never go thru what i’ve gone thru

  • 21 Jul

    This world is disgusting & I’m terrified cause I have 2 daughters 😓