RT @kevindenheijer: Doug Ford's interview this mor

RT @kevindenheijer: Doug Ford's interview this morning with Robyn Bresnahan, where he equates tonsils to abortions, denies climate change,…

  • 16h

    RT: This week in gay NS: local Christian churches bring in gay conversion therapy while Syrian refugees produce Pride-themed…

  • 17h

    I should be studying for exams but I'm watching a bunch of people fight about immigration on Facebook and eating chips instead😂

  • 22h

    RT: Mayor's race: Jeff Huska decides to throw his hat back into the ring https://t.co/xjjCOEXney https://t.co/RdenfUmQJl

  • 23h

    RT: You sir, are an idiot. Among idiots you would be considered an idiot. https://t.co/PRHO8ZBbRh

  • 23h

    RT: Nothing says “conservative” like centrally planned, government-built, debt-financed subways to communities that are already ser…

  • 22 Jun

    I'm just going to leave this here... https://t.co/uZgGFhJEbI

  • 21 Jun

    I don’t know half of what’s going to be on my exam omfg why am I like this😭😂😭

  • 21 Jun

    Once I'm done high school there are gonna be so many annoying people that I'll never have to see again and I couldn't be happier😂

  • 21 Jun

    I just want exams to be over so I can spend all summer watching horror movies and reading scary stories on Reddit.

  • 21 Jun

    I have Law tomorrow but I'm not going to drink tonight haha