Perhaps it's best if the richer West/Arab world ta

Perhaps it's best if the richer West/Arab world take the Rohingyas. We are a poor country. We should use our limite…

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    Sita Mata Ki Jai! 🙏

  • 4h

    RT: I am reminded of what Shaw said. Do not wrestle with a pig (gender neutral). Both of you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

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    RT: Two of my favorite authors in a conversation today. Don't miss! with Catch it live at 11am on…

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    🙏You are being too kind

  • 24 Apr

    Hope you like my books. BTW, My sister-in-law is Aussie.

  • 23 Apr

    With my friend at his house in Singapore. I was here on a writing break. And this was, obviously, a brea…

  • 23 Apr

    This is bigotry too. It should be criticised as well. Wasn't aware of this. I'll get the same s…

  • 23 Apr

    RT: I have said earlier. I say it again. It's a pantomime not required to show our great soldiers. Pakis…

  • 23 Apr

    RT: This is plain and simple bigotry.

  • 23 Apr

    RT: For all book-lovers, from a fan of reading!