RT @krassenstein: It's been 85 days since the Ston

RT @krassenstein: It's been 85 days since the Stoneman Douglas massacre. The media has stopped their coverage of the tragedy almost compl…

  • 8 Aug

    RT: Thousands of people are still without power in This is now the longest blackout in American history! They need he…

  • 30 Jul

    RT: Take 120 credit hours and graduate in one semester https://t.co/X2NO0rPbYM

  • 2 Jul

    RT: Please rt to get me more followers than my arch enemy No one leaves me on "read" and gets away with it... http…

  • 22 Jun

    That feel when you pass out at the cfa in kings dominion

  • 25 May

    RT: So, we have to accept nazis marching in the streets bc of the first amendment, but kneeling players protesting racism wil…

  • 25 May

    RT: I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! Morgan freeman is canceled but cheers to the brave women who spoke up. https://t.co/0M0PK3g50e

  • 22 May

    RT: Real-time U.S. gun violence numbers for 2018: •5,505 gun deaths •10,058 gun injuries •240 children shot or killed •998 teena…

  • 20 May

    RT: WATCH: Trump departs for Mar-a-Lago for the weekend https://t.co/TV3PWaWQWx

  • 17 May

    RT: Me, sitting on a chair giving out my nuggets of wisdom https://t.co/Qj29SYpRwv

  • 17 May

    RT: When the Ohio department of transportation wants to build a bike path in your backyard https://t.co/fQdGmnDwaC