RT @0103bp: 180310 블핑하우스 지수 📎https://t.co/L3K2dv6p

RT @0103bp: 180310 블핑하우스 지수 📎https://t.co/L3K2dv6pn1 #블랙핑크 #지수 #BLACKPINK #JISOO https://t.co/Lc7ZFe6mHr

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    RT: Tiffany: I also stopped by Korea and got the girls over at my house. It actually spontaneously. Just said “Seohyun’s coming…

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    RT: the duality of kim taehyung https://t.co/2Jlyf7cF7h

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    RT: Ever seen someone/something so beautiful? No? Now you did https://t.co/7L3Se2zQ6g

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    RT: Why is she like this 😂 https://t.co/FGcGIPZS7g

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    RT: If I say it out loud that I’m in love with her people would think I’m crazy https://t.co/dATa0CHefj

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    RT: She really can’t let me live my life in peace without the frequent heart palpitations 😩 https://t.co/pA4GcRMHKs

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    RT: we can see how happy they are together & how much fun they have playing around. if this doesnt prove enough how precious…

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    RT: a 3 min compilation of rosé speaking english during blackpink house just because 😌 https://t.co/IVNe3Yf6GG

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    RT: Blackpink was laughing with a d*ck joke, I- 😂💀 https://t.co/x3cp6a7P9W

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    RT: 2014 vs 2018 All the smiles in the world yours is still my favorite https://t.co/uouSBXrw7x