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    RT: So basically was suspended for being a popular influential conservative and they didn’t want him to influenc…

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    RT: 🚨We wil see if ending Voter Fraud is even Possible! Democrats have been cheating for Decades. They will likely Find a New Way…

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    RT: God has his hand on our POTUS. Amen

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    RT: Our biggest fans this week: Thank you! via https://t.co/c1h9XrRE1c

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    Haha Nice Renata!!! Well said.

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    RT: Have a good man in your life? A gentleman, good guy, helpful to all, a protector, defender, considerate, thoughtful? Shout i…

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    RT: No, I do not believe Dr. Ford. I think the entire story was manufactured for political reasons.

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    RT: You might want to update this account...it’s saying Mr. Woods hasn’t tweeted in 1 day. We ALL kno…

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    RT: CNN Focus Group Delivers HORRIBLE News for Democrats https://t.co/QsijIsufXg