Kyle. Williams. Is. Back. We've agreed to a one-y

Kyle. Williams. Is. Back. We've agreed to a one-year deal with the heart and soul of our team:…

  • 48m

    We’ll be sure to add you to the injured reserve. Get well soon!

  • 1h

    RT: What is RB LeSean McCoy's potential for the Vote/Tweet/or Call and let us kn…

  • 3h

    Hall of Famers. Pro Bowlers. Wall of Famers. Find out who the Top 10 individual seasons in Bills history are at 8…

  • 22h

    We see you, 🙌 Welcome to Buffalo!

  • 25 Jun

    "For dreams to come true you have to set little goals first, then as you accomplish those you’ll get to the big one…

  • 24 Jun

    There’s only one correct answer... A.

  • 23 Jun

    RT: Welcome to Buffalo Can’t wait to watch you play, wings on me later this summer. Is

  • 23 Jun

    Congrats to on being selected first overall to the Welcome to Buffalo! 🙌…

  • 23 Jun

    Weekend vibes. 😎

  • 22 Jun

    “I love our QB room. They all have supported each other and I really feel great about the dynamic in there.” Why G…