@verrroniiiica BITCH I CANT BELIEVE IMMA MISS IT :((((

  • 2h

    lmfao I’m actually a bitch

  • 2h

    RT: Roadrunner Days start tomorrow. Late Night at the Rec is Saturday. Kickback is Sunday. Midnight Light is Monday. Jesse…

  • 3h

    What the heck how can I get Alexa installed in my car ??

  • 4h

    Wait till u see this cool shirt I bought

  • 5h

    RT: Graduating & moving out of your hometown is the best thing ever stop listening to local twitter lmao https://t.co/UgCHzIy

  • 6h

    Siri plays me too often here in dallas https://t.co/w1VzBXjNnA

  • 15h

    RT: still can't get over the fact that katy perry's freaky scorpio ass just casually sang about clapping some alien cheeks..…

  • 15h

    I played myself by not asking my sister to bring me nuggets when she got out :(

  • 15h

    RT: You hit a Dallas pothole, you gotta turn the music off and listen to the car ride for a min 🤣💀

  • 15h

    RT: Y’all buy sage like y’all aren’t the negative energy in the room I don’t understand