Interesting piece by someone who was one year juni

Interesting piece by someone who was one year junior to me at IIT.

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    Hi all, am thrilled yet anxious. Something new is

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  • 19h

    What's the one motivating line that someone told you/ you heard that has always stayed with you and helped you in life?

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    Robust GDP numbers are a must. If such wild revisions can be made for old GDP numbers, what is the sanctity of the current ones?

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    Why we need to pay attention to Jet Airways problems now (and not cry when it becomes another Kingfisher a few year…

  • 22h

    Saying GDP growth was actually 10% in UPA times is like someone telling you your class X marks were actually 10% higher one decade later.

  • 20 Aug

    Yes. Am human. And been writing columns for 10years. Oh, maybe there shouldn’t be columnists writing about…

  • 19 Aug

    worked in distressed debt at an investment bank for several years. just fyi.

  • 19 Aug

    Gm all, "Mayday! Time to stop Jet from going the Kingfisher way," my col in TOI today on the crisis Jet Airways. Do…

  • 18 Aug

    Kerala. Love the state. Love the people. Have visited so many times. God, they call themselves your own country. Pl…