I support Freedom of Expression and do admire @Rah

I support Freedom of Expression and do admire @RahulGandhi in this particular case for taking a mature and progress… https://t.co/sHRShtJ9Yt

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    RT: 'Chetan Bhagat the person is different from Chetan Bhagat the author.' What has to say of himself? Watch…

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    Thanks Outlook! https://t.co/tO87wPYLJR

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    Amid all the other news, let us not forget the sacrifice of Major Kaustubh Rane, 28 years old and father of a 2-yea… https://t.co/tRt4OJilr5

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    RT: I’m glad this argument has been made. What India needs more than anything else at this time is more basic decency and humanity,…

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    RT: I know it's fashionable, and sometimes almost reflexive in some circles, to mock But I'm going to give credi…

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    RT: Finally someone is saying this https://t.co/e1QzZK1vRW

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    Gm all! “Being Human in Assam,” my col in TOI today. Read fully before you comment. And be civil if you want to be… https://t.co/mTqHh6YC5M

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    While NRC in Assam needed, the criteria used are severely outdated with a 1971 cut-off (set in 1985). Since we are… https://t.co/TxZXLcOOxK