Nowt worse than finding a good dog account only to

Nowt worse than finding a good dog account only to discover that they repost garbage tweets from bot accounts

  • 14h

    Imagine if phones belted out music when you unplug the headphones cause the anxiety of having Tina Turner accidentl

  • 15h

    Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal: Patrick Vieira, Carlo Ancelotti, Luis Enrique are considered Ferguson leaves United:

  • 16h

    Left the spoon in the microwave with my porridge I probably shouldn't reproduce anytime soon

  • 17h

    RT: Chicken Run (2000)

  • 24 Apr

    What did we do to deserve dogs? Nothing. Nothing at all.

  • 24 Apr

    I'm at war with the resident slugs, bastards keep breaking in and leaving slime trails on me kitchen counter

  • 23 Apr

    For real tho, which shrek film is the best?

  • 23 Apr

    house arrest just seems funny to me. you commited crimes, stay home

  • 23 Apr

    RT: RT if ur an OG and you remember this

  • 23 Apr

    All dogs that come to greet me go to heaven and all owners that yank them away go to hell I don't make the rules I just enforce them