A teacher accidentally fires gun and injures a stu

A teacher accidentally fires gun and injures a student. What a field day for the anti-gun, leftists.

  • 1m

    Vehicle hit after gunshots fired in Cedar Rapids https://t.co/4VmzwsrKSX. These must mean North east side.

  • 21 Sep

    Man charged in killing of DC woman in 'unprovoked' attack. Why do these young girls think they can go jogging, alon… https://t.co/iNUuFqOvzp

  • 21 Sep

    Go Cedar Rapids CEO met with City officials to discuss "proposal; INSANE ticket prices! Trying to be too big too fa… https://t.co/uOdcB2mlC4

  • 20 Sep

    Experts say homeless are more likely to be victim of crime than commit one: We should all rest easier at night know… https://t.co/gExV3oRK9f

  • 19 Sep

    One injured in overnight Cedar Rapids shooting: I thought the city of Cedar Rapids solved all of this gun violence… https://t.co/K8kAuKpeur

  • 15 Sep

    Dalai Lama says 'Europe belongs to Europeans' and refugees should ultimately go back home. First smart thing he ever said!

  • 14 Sep

    An officer was fired for what the police chief calls 'racist' online posts. 8 officers responded to a parking violation?!!! Eight?

  • 13 Sep

    21-year-old man from Dyersville wins $10,000 on scratch-off ticket. This is news-worthy? Who gives a damn?

  • 12 Sep

    Pope calls unprecedented meeting of top officials over sexual abuse https://t.co/qrsYFwQAp0. Why is a meeting… https://t.co/pbPx0rhe4Y

  • 11 Sep

    Racist Serena Williams cartoon 'nothing to do with race,' paper says. EXCELLENT portrayal of her tantrum! NOT racist at all.