A teacher accidentally fires gun and injures a stu

A teacher accidentally fires gun and injures a student. What a field day for the anti-gun, leftists.

  • 23 Jun

    Netflix executive is out after using the N-word. Cultural marxism is the new norm.

  • 22 Jun

    Parkland students push gun control, others offer rebuttal in Eastern Iowa. "We were told in to run in diagonal line… https://t.co/S3I7w4Dlzz

  • 21 Jun

    Parkland students to hold rally against gun violence in Cedar Rapids and Marion. Dream on!

  • 20 Jun

    Iowa min. wage earner needs 65-hr. work week to afford 1-bed rental. The future has come crashing in on these poor… https://t.co/tYSBx52Wx6

  • 20 Jun

    Re; transgender name policy. " discrimination or a lack of support "can have a serious impact on the mental health… https://t.co/BgPxiWvQyO

  • 20 Jun

    Starbucks says it will close 150 stores next year. Well, it's about f#*king time!

  • 18 Jun

    Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in Germany on emmissions cheating?! All the while Kilauea volcano erupts in Hawaii… https://t.co/Fra2Vd7mWn

  • 13 Jun

    Cedar Rapids welcomes new memorial site dedicated to the Flood of 2008. Did the Three Stooges design this?

  • 10 Jun

    Victim in fight in Cedar Rapids dies of injuries. I thought Cedar Rapids,with all their inititives and forums, solv… https://t.co/2szobxyli3

  • 9 Jun

    Obama on Anthony Bourdain: 'He taught us about food' and 'its ability to bring us together' How's that working out, dumbs?