@smith_ry @Janefonda Thanks bbz! So glad you’ve in

@smith_ry @Janefonda Thanks bbz! So glad you’ve included Jane Fonda in this 😂😂😂

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    RT: me watching all stars 3 https://t.co/d873Whwqm1

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    RT: 🚨 JOB ALERT 🚨 We’re looking to hire a Junior Video Assistant for roughly three months paid work at Three days a…

  • 11h

    The man opposite me just mouthed the Victoria line announcement word for word and then winked at me before getting… https://t.co/vArHL5sC0i

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    RT: Your MCM thinks texting “WYD” and “how’s work” ten times a day is getting to know you. he’s 31.

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    RT: [me as a DJ] Where my single ladies at? *drunk responses* This one's for you *turns off music, serious tone* This is a bad…

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    RT: woman: [makes joke] man: okay you do realise this is INCORRECT? let me explain

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    RT: just as a warning to any girls who are using tinder in the midlands area, if you come across this guy DO NOT match him. he is…

  • 21 Feb

    My favourite part of the day is waiting for 10 tube trains to go past before I can get on 👌👌👌

  • 20 Feb

    i'm leaving the house at 10 to 7 tomorrow pray 4 me

  • 20 Feb

    the day i spend less than £30 on ONE bra where I haven't had to try on at least 3 different styles in… https://t.co/aHGG7Pqu9J