@chrysalliameu there's a Twitter glitch where if t

@chrysalliameu there's a Twitter glitch where if the source deletes the tweet and it's still on ur page u can't unR… https://t.co/goWmudZ3kE

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    RT: https://t.co/i1zpRZqEYR has gotten me into watching Japanese dubs of Steven Universe songs & I really dig i…

  • 48m

    didn't u like leave this out in the open the first time I came over and u like scrambled to put it away in your closet

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    RT: Herostuck https://t.co/U2f23xiScr

  • 51m

    RT: fuck i just realized that i'm going to end up listening to love songs written for elon musk i hate my life

  • 55m

    RT: This is interesting "Web nywhere". It's a "data watch" where you can copy data to it over serial connector. I doubt how "web"…

  • 59m

    RT: reminder: space ghost coast to coast was great https://t.co/cKfumtfu3S

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  • 1h

  • 1h

    mine too unfortunately

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    this is how I felt after watching it https://t.co/KRQ9uvEMAW