@chrysalliameu there's a Twitter glitch where if t

@chrysalliameu there's a Twitter glitch where if the source deletes the tweet and it's still on ur page u can't unR… https://t.co/goWmudZ3kE

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    RT: USA: "BAN GUNS" "DESTROY THE NRA" "ARM TEACHERS" britbongs: https://t.co/iRLbd90y4Y

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    wow, yikes

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    RT: ■New weapon skill, more weapons to refine ★The following weapon skills can now be strengthened with medals and divine de…

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    RT: ■Blessed Gardens A new map where you can earn Orbs, Feathers, and more is coming. Your team of Heroes must be formed fro…

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    RT: 【Update Notification】 Here are the planned updates releasing in early March. ■ Special Map "Rival Domains" A game where…

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    RT: Well I don't know how to feel with this post, but. oh https://t.co/ACuvvNljpJ

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    RT: I’ve been working on this for 11 months. Please share and subscribe https://t.co/s4GewNMXtq

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    I coughed myself awake a few times so I'm just up for a bit I guess.

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    RT: Is babe doing OK? https://t.co/oOLlkSkjjC

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    omfg it was this site???? oh god