Can't argue with any of this. Bears all over the p

Can't argue with any of this. Bears all over the place last week. This week all bulls back talking shit.

  • 9h

    Lol. It's like they're doing it on purpose.

  • 10h

    Image being this stupid and generally unable to grasp reality.

  • 15h

    $VIX isn't even bothering to tick up at all during this dumpage at the end here. $SPX

  • 17h

    Idiot office manager has Fox News streaming on his laptop tries to tell me he gets unbiased news. Thankfully I'm onā€¦

  • 18h

    Well, shit, at least they did it during market hours this time.

  • 21h

    Resources are the only thing that matters. With them, your political position, affiliation, or belief and the opposā€¦

  • 21h

    "They live in a part of the city where wealth and influence serve as a cooling balm for the partisan inflammation tā€¦

  • 22h

    Seriously annoying af to be getting jerked around as a volatility trader, but whatevs. Penance for two years of 70+% returns.

  • 16 Aug

    It seems inconceivable to me that they can't turn a profit on this much revenue even for a real deal CEā€¦

  • 16 Aug

    I have a startup and I can tell you with 100% certainty that if we were doing $12B in sales we'd have aā€¦