RT @bebogirl33: @fleurdelisa27 @ddale8 When POTU$

RT @bebogirl33: @fleurdelisa27 @ddale8 When POTU$ doesn’t sit for interviews w/anyone but Fox, when he’s not had a proper news conference i…

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    He will always and FOREVER be President Obama. https://t.co/xJIZsfKbz2

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    Except for that one little thing: tRUmp wasn’t elected; he was installed. https://t.co/soum2r1iP0

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    RT: Be careful, Trump might become the only so-called president indicted...At that point then y…

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    He will always and forever be President Obama. https://t.co/vKpZH9bIV9

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    RT: Don McGahn flipped on trump. Cohen flipped on trump. Omarosa has recordings. Mueller is closing in. Trump is afraid.…

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    RT: This is how it BEGINS - and how we END. https://t.co/bygYUFSe9k

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    RT: Erik Prince, a staunch Trump supporter whose sister is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, proposes replacing troops with privat…

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    RT: This blatant lie should have been challenged in real time during the interview. But it’s also crucial that tweets & headlin…

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    RT: Giuliani is an absolute liar. He says Trump crew did not know the Russian emissary at Trump Tower was connected to Russian…