@CNNPolitics Fake News

@CNNPolitics Fake News

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    Fake News

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    RT: Just a gentle reminder. Everything that the Democrats and the Deep State are blaming on Trump, even to this day, happed w…

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    View the Hate.

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    RT: Attorney Gregg Jarrett Calls Out Liar Comey After Carter Page FISA Warrant Docs Confirm FBI Misled Courts https://t.co/NM4PQ

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    RT: Please, someone, primary this fraud in his next election. He is a police-state backer who sold his soul. He isn’t worthy of t…

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    Rubio. Florida's next ex- Senator.

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    RT: Our intelligence community has truly become a joke and lost all respect and credibility. First Stormy Daniels and now Kar…

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    RT: Breaking: President Trump offered European nations and other countries a zero-tariff deal as a way out of an escalatin…

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    RT: I never dreamed we would ever experience what’s going on in this nation today. My deceased parents & grandparents…

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    RT: REMINDER: The MSM is an accessory to the biggest attempted coup in US history, because their reporting was a major factor…