@RealJamesWoods @RepMaxineWaters Maxine knows what

@RealJamesWoods @RepMaxineWaters Maxine knows what she is doing. https://t.co/N7piN7iX2m

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    Really !

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    It's Bush's fault !

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    RT: Liberals pretend to be for freedom of expression as they rally 300+ newspapers to write editorials against Trump - yet t…

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    What's wrong here ?

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    RT: More and more Democrats are promoting the idea of mandatory voting. Are their ideas that bad that they can only win by f…

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    Are you sure illegal immigrants are receiving welfare benefits ?

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    RT: But yes .@POTUS I need to pray https://t.co/AVShE1FWwZ

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    Why aren't the liberals protesting ?

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    MSM IS the military arm of the Socialist Democrat party. Antifa is the violent faction of said party.

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    RT: Why are Republicans in Congress continuing to authorize funding of the Mueller investigation? Demand he release his fin…