RT @anthonyjeselnik: Here is the most fucked up th

RT @anthonyjeselnik: Here is the most fucked up thing about the 29th mass shooting of the year: this tweet is a political statement.

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  • 3h

    I am missing the UCL Final of a lifetime right now.

  • 13 May

    no joke that was me like a month ago.

  • 12 May

    Bundesliga is where it's at right now.

  • 4 May

    Arsenal couldn't even get a win for Wenger lol

  • 27 Apr

    it cost me and my cousin $2 to see the new Avengers movie. https://t.co/PaUvk6mFiH

  • 27 Apr

    Infinity War was smart to leave most of the climax to Part 2.

  • 27 Apr

    RT: Best thing you’ll see on the internet today 💥 🎥 https://t.co/I6u1r1xVP1

  • 23 Apr

  • 21 Apr

    RT: Grandpas smoking weed for the first time https://t.co/z88AejLVSb