I’m so ashamed of myself. I had ONE job. Don’t let

I’m so ashamed of myself. I had ONE job. Don’t let Papi get me. Sorry, America https://t.co/ZA9iHYAS0L

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    A cinematic tragedy

  • 22m

    If we’re talking individual scenes ... his death scene in Deep Blue Sea remains an all-timer https://t.co/0JIJhYRHOY

  • 26m

    Wrong black guy

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    RT: 🚨#DVRALERT Women changing the world 🌎 is in full effect this morning with our guest - . This is an intervie…

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    RT: Are you tuned in to this amazing interview with Share your your thoughts via Twitter. Using hashtag

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    I absolutely remember him from that video lol ... i liked hardball, but if i sit d… https://t.co/Q3XohRNMQQ

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    It’s too early to tell such an outrageous lie

  • 41m

    That IS tough. But for me — in no order — it’s: Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Django Unchained. Honorable mention:… https://t.co/bjUoAf7exm

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    I was tempted to put that the movie in my top 3. I enjoyed the Replacements. Very entertaining movie. But I think i… https://t.co/XomXx9SmNC

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    i just couldn't get into it. i see why other people enjoyed it.