I know I miss a lot of early morning tweets in LA,

I know I miss a lot of early morning tweets in LA, but we’re just gonna gloss over the fact that the President cong… https://t.co/3UaGDQTKK3

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    Yes, I’d definitely want to stay away from ad hominem arguments like calling someone a lying political hack based o… https://t.co/wHp6mp5O3f

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    Let’s see, who to believe: a Fox pundit, or the decorated Special Ops commander who led the bin Laden raid? https://t.co/QOi7eqIdeY

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    RT: New with live from Outside Lands! The crew predicts what fresh hell Omarosa will unearth, talk…

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    RT: "I think they're worried. My sense is that they did not expect to be campaigning." has been covering Ted…

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    RT: I may be losing my voice, but I can still send a message, and I have one for: If you vote for Kavanaugh we…

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    RT: A new report finds that the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio is 312-1. Trump says the economy is doing great.

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    RT: If you read one thing today, it should be this 2016 David Remnick profile of Aretha Franklin. It's phenomenal. https://…

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    Great episode coming at you in a few hours, where and I talk about Trump’s effort to d… https://t.co/fMmE7ZczQZ

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    I do the same thing, it’s nuts

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    RT: In tonight’s: The White House tries to create a diversion from Omarosa’s tapes and George Conway has “other reasons…