RT @incarceratedbob: Acquaintance of Parkland shoo

RT @incarceratedbob: Acquaintance of Parkland shooter Nicholas Cruz said he knew he had multiple Guns and how he bragged about knowing layo…

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    RT: bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our…

  • 14 Aug

    RT: He ended his basketball career 😂 (via https://t.co/RQgU24yg0f

  • 11 Aug

    RT: Excited to play for the against the tomorrow! Great to know where God has brought me from and can't wait…

  • 10 Aug

    RT: A MOTH got stuck in the umpire's ear 😳 https://t.co/RSphJj2ee0

  • 10 Aug

    RT: Tired of these non talent half ass skilled “Rappers” These dudes have better fashion and personality than they have ac…

  • 10 Aug

    RT: Season 1, then and now 14 years later. Crazy. What a journey! https://t.co/BbXolbAydL

  • 9 Aug

    RT: Mitch Trubisky signed a jersey for his teammate and didn't even know 😅 (via https://t.co/3VuhpXQmdW

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    RT: Nine meals. 9,000 calories. Noah Spence's diet is crazy 😲 https://t.co/Gsb2CwjfOj

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    RT: 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/DKsG9Nbcc8

  • 8 Aug

    RT: BREAKING NEWS: Dead fetus found in bathroom of American Airlines plane that arrived at LaGuardia - NBC