Ted Lieu at the Strzok hearing: "Let me start by s

Ted Lieu at the Strzok hearing: "Let me start by saying, this is a stupid and ridiculous hearing."

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    Just an all caps tweet to the president of Iran at 11:24 PM on a Sunday.

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    Puerto Rico has begun allowing transgender people to update the gender marker on their birth certificates. https://t.co/Z0oUYyTaKA

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    Trump + Russia this week: "Don't see any reason why it would be" Russia meddling, WH: He meant "wouldn't" Accepts… https://t.co/0y8ZF2muRY

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    Muslim Americans are running for elected office in numbers not seen since before September 11th. Some 50 are still… https://t.co/fmkQbruTQS

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    The Trump admin is planning to eliminate a vast trove of medical guidelines that for nearly 20 years has been a cri… https://t.co/qyKEl1sTmU

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    Palm Beach County taxpayers fronted more than $5,700,000 to help protect Trump during his 10 visits to Mar-a-Lago b… https://t.co/NP0vivAAPb

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    Mike Pence's hometown is taking a hit due to Trump's tariffs. "I'm very worried," said Tom Linebarger, the head of… https://t.co/tyGwQqaKpo

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    RT: I can confirm now that last yr Treasury"s financial crimes unit collected voluminous suspicious activity reports from ban…

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    Trump is back to calling Russian interference a hoax, contradicting his own Intelligence Community, a Republican-co… https://t.co/QY5lR3Wpvt

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    SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh has suggested that the court was wrong to force Richard Nixon to turn over the Water… https://t.co/uLiuhdmdMy