RT @mistavoodoo: When you from Texas, but you not

RT @mistavoodoo: When you from Texas, but you not fine 🤧 https://t.co/Ra5VDClGQQ

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    RT: Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, Lily Collins! https://t.co/PuwLYH8b9T

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    RT: ribs by lorde isn't a song it's a human emotion

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    RT: sun kissed https://t.co/viwpjyKelr

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    RT: I love these https://t.co/68qQtxn5b0

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    RT: me waiting on y'all to understand that the oppressor making jokes about the people theyre oppressing isn't the s…

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    RT: when i’m on my hundredth selfie and realize it’s neither the lighting nor the angle that’s bad it’s just my face: https://…

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    RT: I’m not a good texter unless I’m in love with you

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    RT: my white blood cells when they see a germ https://t.co/hoE1IRm6YZ

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    How u just gonna have both pro-life and pro-gun in the same tweet https://t.co/1JdXpIFFZ5

  • 18 Mar

    I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life