@W_I_B_clothing It’s got to be no 3 but then I lik

@W_I_B_clothing It’s got to be no 3 but then I like coos

  • 18 May

    RT: It's today launches awards. Are you, or do you know of an exceptional young crofter or up and com…

  • 17 May

    RT: Drop-in sessions - find out more about Scotland’s largest flame shell bed & the Loch Carron Marine Protected Area that wil…

  • 17 May

    Not my landy it’s a friends one, but I do have a 110 workhorse. Maybe I will know your cousin it’s a small place

  • 13 May

    RT: Check out strained wire fencing course in happening 13/14 July please RT and share with…

  • 13 May

    RT: 19/ Thanks for showing me round your beautiful farm We talked the longevity of public goods grants sche…

  • 12 May

    Good to hear more about research tour today and thanks for sharing some of your forag… https://t.co/ngKtl5spY0

  • 11 May

    RT: 15/ ‘Public for public goods should suit crofters, but what if public goods don’t take in to account the

  • 13 Apr

    True to your word today your sign is asking people not to litter! Thanks

  • 11 Apr

    This is a great step, the litter is the worst I have ever seen. It’s too much to tackle… https://t.co/LJYhmyhOCG

  • 10 Apr

    Good to tweet you. came and joined us a few Christmases past https://t.co/pjU3VLcxqu woul… https://t.co/aGXD0kl6eR