RT @Nesenag: Ram Guha had 420 international centur

RT @Nesenag: Ram Guha had 420 international centuries and 786 first class centuries when SC appointed him to the governing board of BCCI. R…

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    A cartoon from September 18, 1951 issue of The Organizer https://t.co/B7zZb4Vb6m

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    This is too simplistic. U are stuck with an old story whose use-by-date expired long ago. There's rampant misuse of… https://t.co/7oAsOzBB9M

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    Ganesha's personal cashier in action. Amazing performance https://t.co/iFf2EEdmaC

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    3. Part 3 of my 2013 expose on ISRO space program sabotage at CIA behest-- Third Degree Torture by IB Officials of… https://t.co/XX5ZQSI1qA

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    2. Part 2 of 2013 article--How Indias Space Program was Sabotaged - Nambi Narayanan Describes the Targeting of ISRO… https://t.co/uUV8ccBJP5

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    1. Part 1 of my 2013 expose on IPS officer RB Shreekumar: Hero of Secular Brigade - The Man who Sabotaged ISRO & Wr… https://t.co/1ZTZE8gdx1

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    RT: Saudi feminist and atheist Aljohani tweets she is ending her life because of Saudi government's continued harrass…

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    Bang on right--India is India only so long as Hindus are an overwhelming majority and remain in command. The moment… https://t.co/QQ9Wdjr3nZ

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    Stop this Hindu Rashtra nonsense. And get on with the real challenge of combating Nepal was a… https://t.co/VyVeYFEtgA