RT @RituRathaur: Was Searching for facts on LIC In

RT @RituRathaur: Was Searching for facts on LIC Investments in Geetanjali Jewels in 2013 and realized Indian Express has Deleted this Artic…

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    Sahi Pakde Hein! https://t.co/Ww5sgFJztn

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    2.@PMOIndia U had promised to make J&K a Super State.This is your opportunity to honour that promise. But you can't… https://t.co/Akm17tM9OZ

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    1. Dear ji & please note Kashmiri Muslims are pleading with you to send their self appointe… https://t.co/NhiYL6TjSJ

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    Got a call from British High Commission clarifying at length that visas 4 Indians have not been frozen. This is pea… https://t.co/3Lf2MEV4Uq

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    When BJP ministers also pander to false victimhood narrative which is used more & more by Islamist terrorists, maf… https://t.co/UWprw8yB6S

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    It seems some BJP leaders have also convinced themselves (as did MehboobaMufti & ManiShankar Aiyar) that they can c… https://t.co/nskGjvLP0l

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    "How many Indians died in Terrorism and Insurgency". Worthwhile data. Sadly, we are not even allowed to mourn these… https://t.co/DaSvLlBD9d

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    RT: Name on Passport application form - Tanvi Seth Name on Voter ID - Tanvi Anas Name on Aadhar card - Tanvi Anas Siddique N…

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    RT: Tactically... Hafiz's gunmen terrorists are fighting on the ground... The "Aerial" war is being fought by the Sickular…