@goldnospraytan Avi lit, & you’re a Mel. Poppi

@goldnospraytan Avi lit, & you’re a Mel. Poppin. ✨

  • 39m

    RT: As I get older, good communication has become a lot more important.

  • 47m

    RT: It’s crazy how you can offend people by just doing you and minding your own business

  • 50m

    RT: Sisqo was going off at the end of the Thong Song... Nigga was mad passionate about them thongs... 😂

  • 1h

    RT: This is important to recognize. I'm glad your willing to take accountability and work on it. That shows growth…

  • 4h

    Damn babe Opening Ceremony but like 5/6yrs ago. 😩

  • 7h

    How did I not post this.... https://t.co/FAEVNXnm8V

  • 7h

  • 7h

    Moms love me... they know a wholesome when they see one. 😆

  • 8h

    I wanna try it so bad.

  • 8h

    Has anyone tried BabyFoot foot peel?