RT @deeg25: Retweet if this has ever happened to y

RT @deeg25: Retweet if this has ever happened to you. 😉 #GOA #WednesdayWisdom #2A #USA @TheDemocrats https://t.co/mkAbGC48VT

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    RT: I will do everything I can to truly get congress to work for us again. I’m tired of it. https://t.co/MxelKd5pXF

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    Only when Democrats win them I guess

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    Hot take: The budget fight is more important than confirming Kavanaugh. https://t.co/INqJsvfBiC

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    RT: Runs for president just so I have the privilege to text the whole country a pic of my puppy https://t.co/S61IBsPPZi

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    RT: I'm sorry, but Anita Hill falsely accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment and has no business offering her opinion exc…

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    RT: I can’t wait to see destroy in tonight’s debate. Ted is an absolutely brilliant constitutional sch…

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    Fire Rosenstein if this is true https://t.co/aDVbWgsSbE

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    Just like the balanced budget amendment vote after the March omnibus, this vote is nothing more than pointless virt… https://t.co/EmNemtRUfZ

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    RT: An allegation is not self-proving. That is why it is called an allegation.