Did Steele dossier trigger the FBI investigation i

Did Steele dossier trigger the FBI investigation in any way? COMEY: “No. No, in fact ... the information that trig… https://t.co/cNLUodln58

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    RT: Full story on heavily redacted FISA application, w/ https://t.co/5eMLODvJ9Y

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    RT: There's *a lot* in these applications that's still classified. But four times, the FBI argued that it had evidence Carter Pa…

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    RT: The FBI has released a redacted version of the Carter Page FISA warrant application -- read it here https://t.co/nFakeI4Tlx

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    Trump still hasn’t raised any concerns about the 12 Russian intelligence officers who were indicted eight days ago… https://t.co/uOFr8dDo5I

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    Michael Cohen’s lawyer https://t.co/VjIUotoTkR

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    RT: On the tape- source tells me Michael Cohen tells Donald Trump AMI has the rights to Karen McDougal story. Cohen recommend…

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    Trump suggests his long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen - who is considering cooperating with the feds - may hav… https://t.co/DqBkVq59dj

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    Trump had an opportunity to say something - even mild criticism - raising concerns about Russia’s attacks on the US… https://t.co/SpBV2k6fDk

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    “A hundred years of racism could not break it up, it could not destroy black families. Jim Crow could not do it. Bu… https://t.co/yh1LBUudUO

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    RT: New from: Source with knowledge of the Trump tape says that the conversation between Trump and Cohen is…