Did Steele dossier trigger the FBI investigation i

Did Steele dossier trigger the FBI investigation in any way? COMEY: “No. No, in fact ... the information that trig… https://t.co/cNLUodln58

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    Significantly, the committee has NOT set a makeup date for Ronny Jackson. That means he could be twisting in the wi… https://t.co/xd8lNygE4B

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    RT: NEW: Isakson tells the Washington Post and CNN on Ronny Jackson’s confirmation process: “We’re gonna have a hearing at som…

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    Tester and Isakson told us that Wednesday’s Ronny Jackson hearing will be delayed, and they want more information a… https://t.co/JYAWLD0zwc

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    RT: The French Presidency has this in its readout of the Trump - Macron dinner at Mount Vernon: "they spoke about the US econom…

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    RT: All politics is local. https://t.co/9wV8woQYqL

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    Both sides saying privately that WH appears to have done a shoddy job vetting Jackson, which is why they likely wil… https://t.co/LsX0JZ4ePq

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    RT: "The sources say the committee is in talks to delay Wednesday's confirmation hearing as they try to figure out the allegations…

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    Republicans and Dems both concerned about new allegations of misconduct involving Ronny Jackson, and are investigat… https://t.co/ib2at4z0VQ

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    Bush 41 hospitalized and in intensive care, reports

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    Rand Paul kept everyone guessing on what he would do until the very end; Corker had prepared several contingency pl… https://t.co/BI2HE6YncN