Just a girl sittin’ in the ocean. 💕Found some grea

Just a girl sittin’ in the ocean. 💕Found some great pictures from our waterproof camera and they have me seriously… https://t.co/DzsCK4E6GS

  • 14 Sep

    The family that owns this Danish Castle still inhabits parts of it. The rest is a museum featuring castle life and… https://t.co/wgXIHwwqIX

  • 13 Sep

    We thought this was going to be a short hike, but Acadia National Park’s beautiful trails called to us and we ended… https://t.co/PLmquDKpcr

  • 11 Sep

    Signature move in a signature place!!! Mount Rushmore National Memorial https://t.co/p7PNs0KZt3

  • 9 Sep

    Just doing some afternoon cavin’ 😉😍 Big Bear Lake, California https://t.co/9RS1aagKlN

  • 8 Sep

    Can I just move in please? This is the groundskeepers house at Fredricksborg Castle in Denmark. So dreamy. 😍 Det… https://t.co/KDnTvoSzuC

  • 7 Sep

    Luke looks so cool he could be the 5th face on Mount Rushmore...AKA The Presidential Rocks! Seriously, this Nationa… https://t.co/t29hNBB0ys

  • 5 Sep

    I love that throughout Canada you see these beautiful old buildings full of beauty and history. It’s like stepping… https://t.co/wYbWLHUMfM

  • 4 Sep

    Riding Star Tours in your Death Star Mickey Ears is something every Star Wars Fan needs to do! S… https://t.co/ko7hcbyxgQ

  • 3 Sep

    Mickey shaped pretzel...check. Oh and a cream cheese filled one too!!! Disneyland https://t.co/erFQfsaz08

  • 2 Sep

    Living my best lake life! 💕 The Middle Of Big Bear Lake https://t.co/OurDNwqxVx