RT @moody_meggg: so glad my man is addicted to the

RT @moody_meggg: so glad my man is addicted to the gym rather than video games like some of you boys😂

  • 10h

    RT: This is how bad kids don't understand wordplay now a days lol

  • 13h

    Y’all so dumb , When Drake says “sms,triple x” he’s talking about an x rated text message convo . And when he says… https://t.co/6Q200fb3Vs

  • 19h

    Woke up to Colombia losing to Japan this some bs

  • 19 Jun

    RT: This man was shot at 4:30 this morning in Chicago and they had his body covered up as if he was dead. Paramedics didn’t eve…

  • 19 Jun

    RT: So y’all niggas in Florida shot XXXtentacion but not George Zimmerman? FOH

  • 19 Jun

    RT: XXXTentacion has been confirmed dead by Florida police. RIP. https://t.co/QLAVxDqqvy

  • 19 Jun

    RT:: XXXtentacion Pronounced Dead https://t.co/c7mbZE813v

  • 19 Jun

    I few real ones ain’t gon see they next birthday 💔

  • 17 Jun

    I need a nap or 4

  • 16 Jun

    That was just a fraction of the good love I provide